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Agastache Beelicious® Purple

Agastache Beelicious® Purple is about 40-50 cm in hight and estimated 30 cm in width. This make it fantastic for both beddings, pots and jars.
The plump perennial works well solitaire but also generous for arrangements.

This species, with great purple flowers, is not only a delight to the eye, but also well at attracting butterflies and bies if planted in the garden.
All in all a win win perennial.

Confetti Garden Camouflage

Confetti Garden Camouflage is a combination of three different Ipomoea, which work well in pots and haning flowerpots.
These species characterize by branching off well and forming a dence boushy plant.
Furthermore these species grow all the time in symbioces between each other, so the combined plant keep a beautiful formation.

Lowberry® Goodasgold

(Rubus idaeus) Lowberry® Goodasgold

Goodasgold is as mentioned breed and chosen for the dence growth and light golden berries.

It is well used as other raspberries, planted in the garden, but with more space between each plant, up to 30 cm.
With such a compact raspberry, it also fits very well into a pot. Put it into a 10-20 liter pot, that you can have anywhere on your terrace or garden.
If you live in the city, you can even have it on the balcony, to start your own urban gardening.

Bleeding heart

Lamprocapnos (Dicentra) spectabilis ‘Cupid’®


This new sort is characterized by its amazingly delicate pink flowers and lively green foliage. Such a perennial is just loveable.

Cupid, becomes reached a height of estimated 60 cm. Can be used in mixed flowers- and perennial beddings where other plants take over when it cease to flower. As it is a little bush, it will also work very well in pots both accompanied by other plants or as a solitaire.

The beautiful flowers can be used in bouquets and lasts rather long.

Aloha Double Orange

Calibrachoa hybrid Aloha Double Orange


Chalibrachoa hybrid Aolha Double Orange is a bedding plant well used in both pots and hanging flower pots.
These species are great due to the flourishing during the entire season and they become dence and bushy.
They grow all the time in a good ratio between leaves and flowers, which make the plant keep in shape.

Chinese silvergrass

Miscanthus sinensis Red Cloud®


Red Cloud is, with its only 100 cm in height, perfect both solitaire in pots or planted in the perennial beddings. With a dence growth it can be used as a windbreaker, planted as a minor hedge.

It is a delight to watch during August when it “shoots its cloud” of red spikes. This cloud fades close to winter, but will still be visible until you cut it down in the spring.


Petchoa x hybrid ‘Beautical’


As all other Petunia, it can be used in pots, hanging flower pots and bowls, either alone as a sphere shaped plant or accompanied by almost any other bedding plant with matching colors.
Due to its powerful growth it works well planted in beddings or mixed in big bowls.
It is the perfect plant for those who wished loads of flowers and a plant that have a flourishing growth all summer.

Le Freak

Coleus blumei hybrid “Main Street” Le Freak


Le Freak is a bedding plant, used well in both pots and hanging flowerpots. It can even be used as a scenery plant, where it is planted in an open bedding.
Only imaginations is the limit for its use. They grow and diversify all the time, in good proportions between the leaves, that makes it keep in shape.
It is on a comeback, as an indoor potted plant and Le Freak can even be used for mini production in 6 cm pots.


Petunia hybrid Potunia Plus Vintage


Petunia hybrid Potunia Plus Vintage is a bedding plant, well used in both pots and hanging flower pots. It can even be used as scenery plant, where it is planted in an open bedding. Only your imagination sets limits to the use of this plant.
These species are known for its all season blossoming and they do not become long when expanding.
They grow all the time with a nice ratio between leaves and flowers, that keep the plant in good shape.