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Agastache Beelicious® Purple

A new sort of Anisisop – Agastache Beelicious® Purple is refined at the Dutch company Van Hemert & Co. BV.

The plant origins from great parts of northern Central America and North America, in particular present on the priaries, but also to be found in some parts of Canada.

It has been seleceted due to its dence growth and ability to form many leaves and flourish several times.

Agastache Beelicious® Purple is about 40-50 cm in hight and estimated 30 cm in width. This make it fantastic for both beddings, pots and jars.
The plump perennial works well solitaire but also generous for arrangements.

This species, with great purple flowers, is not only a delight to the eye, but also well at attracting butterflies and bies if planted in the garden.
All in all a win win perennial.

Plant companions

It is well used with most beddingplants, in particular perennials such as: Heuchera, Achillea millefolium, Nepeta and Allium millennium, but also various grasses.


Care taking

To be placed at sunny places.  Torelent to darkness, but prefers to be kept moist. It is less picky regarding soil types. This perennial grows well in soil with high concentration of both clay and sand. It is winter hardiness and can manage down to -20 ° C when well established.
Fertilize twice a season – spring and summer.

If planted in a bedding, cut back the plant in spring together with the rest of your perennials (March/April).