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Aloha Double Orange

Calibrachoa hybrid Aloha Double Orange



Calibrachoa hybrid Aolha Double Orange is the breeder Dümmen Oranges’ version of a double flowering type. The breeding of these species started about 8 years ago and back then only few colors where available in the double flowering batch.
Today we find 9 different colors and particularly orange, is a color with high level of interest.


Chalibrachoa hybrid Aolha Double Orange is a bedding plant well used in both pots and hanging flower pots.
These species are great due to the flourishing during the entire season and they become dence and bushy.
They grow all the time in a good ratio between leaves and flowers, which make the plant keep in shape.

Plant companions

It can be used together with all bedding plants, so opportunities are many for a colorful combination. However, you need to be aware of the needs for water and manure, of the plants it is accompanied by.


Care taking

Sunny or half shady areas are great for this plant and are to be put in well-drained soil. To be watered on necessity and fertilized well to keep the flowers beautiful.

If the plant overgrows your wishes, it can be cut back and it will regrow.