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Le Freak

Coleus blumei hybrid “Main Street” Le Freak


Le freak – Coleus blomei Hybrida “Main Street” Le Freak is one of breeder Dümmen Oranges’ newest species. About 4-6 years ago, Dümmen Orange started a refining process in cutting breed Coleus and Le Freak is a new type compared to the known Main Street batch.
It is more dence, thin leafed and more heat tolerant. All of Dümmen Oranges’ species are much more tenable than the seed breed species we previous knew.
All of these species are introduced under the name “Main Street”.


Le Freak is a bedding plant, used well in both pots and hanging flowerpots. It can even be used as a scenery plant, where it is planted in an open bedding.
Only imaginations is the limit for its use. They grow and diversify all the time, in good proportions between the leaves, that makes it keep in shape.
It is on a comeback, as an indoor potted plant and Le Freak can even be used for mini production in 6 cm pots.

Plant companions

Use it together with all kinds of beddingplants, almost any option is available to give a colorful mix. However, be aware of the water and manure needs of the plants mixed with it.


Care taking

Sun or half shade, both will be good for Le Freak. It prefers well drained soil. Water it regularly, as needed and it is advised to add fertilizer to keep the colors in the foliage.
If the plant overgrow your expectations, cut down and new will replenish.
In the end of season it will blossom and this adds another level of decorativeness.