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Petunia hybrid Potunia Plus Vintage



Petunia hybrid Potunia Plus Vintage is one of breeder Dümmen Oranges’ new species in Potunia class.
One of the good qualities within the Potunia brand is, that they are day length neutral. This means it does not require 14 hours day lengths to start blossoming. At the same time they keep flourishing with new flowers, which keeps the sphere shaped growth.
The breeding of these species started 10-12 years ago and this specific species with the pasted pink color is very attractive.


Petunia hybrid Potunia Plus Vintage is a bedding plant, well used in both pots and hanging flower pots. It can even be used as scenery plant, where it is planted in an open bedding. Only your imagination sets limits to the use of this plant.
These species are known for its all season blossoming and they do not become long when expanding.
They grow all the time with a nice ratio between leaves and flowers, that keep the plant in good shape.

Plant companions

Can be used together with other bedding plants, it have a variety of combinations, for the perfect color mix. Only thing to think about when mixing with other plants, the need for fertilizing and watering.


Care taking

Best in sun or half shade areas and to be planted in well drain soil. Watered when need be and with added fertilizer to keep the beautiful colors in the foliage.
If the plant is getting to mountstrous, cut back and let it regrow.