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Bleeding heart

Lamprocapnos (Dicentra) spectabilis ‘Cupid’®



Heart flowers is a well-known garden plant, which is suitable for both country gardens and city gardens. But never in this delicate pink color before.
The heart shaped flowers on Cupid opens at blossoming, revealing the inner flower. This have given the occasion for the nickname bleeding heart.
The name Bleeding heart is of a more cheerful character. If you peel the flower parts from each other you will find, what a lieutenant heart holds dear, a low-necked lady (formed by the two central petals and the stamen) and all the way in a champagne bottle (pistil).
The plant have a succulent, flaw roots, which breaks easily at repotting, a juicy, brittle stem and fresh light green leaves. The heart shaped flowers are clustered on the tip of an elegant curvy stem. It flourish in May.

This new sort is characterized by its amazingly delicate pink flowers and lively green foliage. Such a perennial is just loveable.

Cupid, becomes reached a height of estimated 60 cm. Can be used in mixed flowers- and perennial beddings where other plants take over when it cease to flower. As it is a little bush, it will also work very well in pots both accompanied by other plants or as a solitaire.

The beautiful flowers can be used in bouquets and lasts rather long.

Plant companions

In beddings is will thrive together with many different kinds of perennials and grasses, which prefers sunny places and in time, will cover the space after blossoming.
Among good plants for this are, Lavendula angustifolia or Geranium hybrid Patricia.
If you plant it in a more shady area, ferns can successfully accompany this plant.


Care taking

To be placed in sunny or half shady areas and prefers to be kept damp. Plant in normal well-drained soil.
Fertilize one or two times a season. This species are winter hardiness.