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Lowberry® Goodasgold

(Rubus idaeus) Lowberry® Goodasgold



A new compact raspberry from the German/Swizz breeder company Lubera. The species Goodasgold is chosen due to its dense growth and beautiful yellow berries, which lights up any garden or any terrasse

The species have become a part of a series of compact fruit bushes by the name of Lowberry®. In this series exist both a red raspberry, Little Sweet Sister, and a blackberry by the name of Little Black Prince.

Lowberry® Goodasgold produces berries from late July until the end of September.

Goodasgold is as mentioned breed and chosen for the dence growth and light golden berries.

It is well used as other raspberries, planted in the garden, but with more space between each plant, up to 30 cm.
With such a compact raspberry, it also fits very well into a pot. Put it into a 10-20 liter pot, that you can have anywhere on your terrace or garden.
If you live in the city, you can even have it on the balcony, to start your own urban gardening.

Plant companions

Fruit bushes are best used as solitaire plants, but can be used together with similar species from the series, Lowberry®.


Care taking

This species thrives well in sunny areas with lightly moist soil. Cut down the plant in spring (February) and it will give berries on the new branches.
It can also be cut down to about 30 cm, then it will first produce berries on the old branches and later on the new.