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Chinese silvergrass

Miscanthus sinensis Red Cloud®


Most people know about perennials in the garden. Known for its bloom and colors, replenishing year after year. Ornamental grass is like perennials. Though it does not possess as many beautiful colors it can, with its gorgeous spike and decorative foliage, still raise any perennial beddings and pots.
This species of Miscanthus, selected by the Dutch company firmaPiro Newplant BV, have it all – beautiful colors and decorative spike. The company prioritized a dence grass with heaps of flowers/spikes. This year, Red Cloud got a sister called Pink Cloud.


Red Cloud is, with its only 100 cm in height, perfect both solitaire in pots or planted in the perennial beddings. With a dence growth it can be used as a windbreaker, planted as a minor hedge.

It is a delight to watch during August when it “shoots its cloud” of red spikes. This cloud fades close to winter, but will still be visible until you cut it down in the spring.

Plant companions

I beddings it correlates well with many perennials and foliagegrowths. For optimal use of your perennial/grass bedding, it is recommended to put bulbous plants around the grasses. When you cut down the grasses during spring (March), the bulbous plants will take over until the grass again is the star, maybe combined with other perennials.
Perennials worth mentioning to accompany Red Cloud is Nepeta, Echinacea, Alba but imagination is the only limit.


Care taking

Red Cloud is not sensitive to soil types. It is winter hardiness (-20 °) and to be placed in both sunny or half shady areas.

Fertilize ones during summer and requires no further special treatment. It is recommendable to wait until Marts, to cut it down.