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Confetti Garden Camouflage


Confetti Garden Camouflage is one of the breeder, Dümmen Oranges’, newest mix in the assortment.
The breed and combination of these started 8-10 years ago and back then, only few mix existed and only few cultures where mixed.
The importance of the mix, where growth and blossoming periods match, have always been highest priority, as well as the colors which was utilized.

Confetti Garden Camouflage is a combination of three different Ipomoea, which work well in pots and haning flowerpots.
These species characterize by branching off well and forming a dence boushy plant.

Furthermore these species grow all the time in symbioces between each other, so the combined plant keep a beautiful formation.

Plant companions

It can be used with almost any bedding plant, men this particular mix is refined to set focus on the specific color contrasts. This will be lost, if accompanies by other plants.


Care taking

Thrives in both sun and half shade areas. Should be placed in well-drained soil. Has to be watered regularly, on needs, and preferably with manure, to keep the colorful foliage.

If the plant becomes too huge and monstrous, cut back the plant and it will rapidly regrowth.