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Petchoa x hybrid ‘Beautical’



Petchoa x ‘Beautical’ is a new species of Petunia which saw the light of day only few years ago. The great flowers with a dramatic dark veined flower chasm, creates immediate excitement. It is a conscious cross-breeding between two close relatives Petunia and Calibrachoa. The idea was a plant that was not as sticky as the relugar Petunia, but also had as great flowers and warm colors as Calibrachoa. Petunia is known for its huge funnel-shaped flowers and easy caretaking. Calibrachoa is known for its various color spectrum and amazing ramification.


As all other Petunia, it can be used in pots, hanging flower pots and bowls, either alone as a sphere shaped plant or accompanied by almost any other bedding plant with matching colors.
Due to its powerful growth it works well planted in beddings or mixed in big bowls.
It is the perfect plant for those who wished loads of flowers and a plant that have a flourishing growth all summer.

Plant companions

All plants with a light powerful growth will grow well together with Petchoa x ‘Beautical’. Smaller plants might be “overgrown”, but in that case ‘Beautical’ will successfully be planted alone in “clean colors”


Care taking

All Petunias are easy to take care off, as long as they are watered and fertilized regularly. Occasional flowers needs to be taken off, but other than that no further caretaking. As all other Petunias, they will be most beautiful when placed in full sun or half shade.