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Gaillardia aristate SpinTop™ RED

Gallardia aristate SpinTop™ RED is, with its marguerite shaped flowers, a must have in every garden. They beautiful flowers starts with a pale yellow center, followed by a dark almost wine-red nuance.

It will naturally start blossoming from the start of June and continue into October. You don’t have to pinch the flowers off, the seed heads are a delight in itself.

Due to the max height of 20/30 cm it is fit as a border plant in the garden or as front of a bedding. It is also excellent solitaire in both beddings and pots.

Hydrangea macrophylla Florentina

Can be used indoor in pots or outdoor as either bedding plant or in pots. Very decorative coloring for garden or windows in the house.

These species are plants with a great wauw effect.

In sales from early March to the end of September.

Begonia x hybrid l’conia

Begonia l’conia is a beddingplant that flourish in both pots and hanging flowerpots.
You can even plant it as scenery plant, in huge open beddings. Only your imagination is the limit to the use of this flower.

This species of Begonia is well known for its ability to set flowers full season and keep a long growth.
They keep growing in balance between flowers and foliage, so the plant stay in shape.

Lychnis flos-cuculi Petite Jenny

Petite Jenny is a fitting name for this species. It is about 36 cm in height and compared to its higher sister (Jenny), which can be up to 70 cm.
After a couple of years in the garden, it can spread to about 35 cm in width.

This double blossoming species with its airy pale colored flowers can be enjoyed in both garden from early summer to late autumn.

The reason for this long blossoming period is, the flowers are sterile and does not create seeds. The plant only focusing on making new flowers.

This species of flowers is raised beautifully  over its dark green foliage and can be used in many places. Pots, beddings with other flowers and in the garden.

Fully winterhardiness down to -25° C.

Nepeta Neptune

Nepeta Neptune is selected for its dense characteristic. With a height of about 20-30 cm and 20 cm in width this species will be used for multiple purposes. Often planted in pots oudside. Most likely be used solitaire in smaller pots or as part of a plant arrangement in a larger pot.

Neptune are also well used in perennial beddings or as border plants.

This winter hardiness perennial, flourish naturally around June and will keep blossoming until September.


Streptocarpus is a houseplant for indoor use. Origins from the tropical part of Africa and southeast Asia.

Many considers Streptocarpus as a kind of an Orchid, which makes it a gift article in some countries.
Can be used either solitaire or in plantarrangements.

Chrysanthemum ’Fireworks’

 ‘Fireworks’ is a classic houseplant, but can successfully be used on the terrace. If used on a terrace, place it in light areas with a bit of shade.
Best used in smaller pots outside or larger pots with 2-3 plants in each.
If you go more traditional and use them indoor, they decorate any dinnertable.
Try set a few plants in a boat shaped pot or bowl and place on the middle of the table. When you have tried that, you know why the Chinese lords called Chrysanthemum “their” flowers.