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GASA GROUP Poland...

is a professional European trading partner in the field of plant and flower export. We service our retail chains as well as DIY chains from our key logistics center in Dąbrowa. For the Polish market as well as other Eastern European markets, we offer tailor made sales solutions to our customers.

In addition to our wide European assortment offered, we can also support our customers in finding new and different plants and flowers.

We supply unrooted, bare rooted & half-grown plants and cuttings, in close and strong collaborations with our young plants department, to growers all over Europe for their plant production, 

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Country Manager

Marcin Malinowski
Tel: +48 695 732 738

Young Plants
Operational Manager

Anna Blaszczyk
Tel: +48 665 321 536

Young Plants
Commercial Manager

Lars Rose-Hansen
Tel: +45 (0) 4043 4318

Green Strategy

At GASA GROUP, we take our responsibility to the planet very seriously. We want to initiate and implement efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We have a high level of environmental awareness and social engagement. In the choices we make, we take account of the impact on people and planet, laying firm and sustainable foundations for the future.

This means reducing our carbon footprint, our energy consumption and our waste production across the company.
We have set clear, absolute targets to measure our progress, focusing on the activities we can control directly. Nature has a major impact on our health and well-being - we want to preserve, support and help nature in its work.

We want to give back to Nature.

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