Headline to the season 2023/2024:

Ornamental Value


By 2023/2024, times will still be uncertain. The consumers have experienced crisis upon crisis. We are all consumers – we are all people.

This means, that since the 2020’s began, we have become used to navigating in a world that is unpredictable. And because of that, we have become better at being adaptable. We adapt to our surroundings. We have become better at adapting to our own needs.

Therefore, we will be more aware of what products and experiences are bringing us. Nature – plants, flowers and everything else in the word ‘nature’ needs to bring us value on different levels in our lives and in different situations – Ornamental Value.     



Target groups 2023/2024

For 2023/2024, GASA GROUP is focusing on four consumer types:

The Caregiver

The lifestyle focus for The Caregiver is to be better at taking care of everything surrounding us.

The Melancholy

The Lifestyle focus for the The Melancholy is to rewind the past through the senses.

The Silent

The Lifestyle focus for The Silent is to find a peaceful spot that is worry-free with all that entails.

The Fascinated

The lifestyle focus for the The Fascinated is to be able to explore and enjoy something different and unpredictable.

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