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Mediterranean Plants

A Cool Overview of Hot Products

In respect of the diversity of the Mediterranean product range, GASA GROUP has opted for three specialists, each with their specific area of focus: Jan Pedersen handles Sicily, Finn Rasmussen focuses on the areas of Albenga and Pistoia, while Javier Alvarez is our Spanish expert.

For you as a customer, this setup ensures that we have the requisite understanding and knowledge of the depth of the local product range, which enables us to provide the optimal product composition at all times.

Mediterranean Catalogue


With a massive local presence during the season, our specialists always remain on top of trends with respect to where to find the best products at any given time. We will gladly organise joint shopping trips, where our experts will guide you safely through the product range of a number of select producers to ensure your expectations are met. 

Contact your GASA GROUP sales consultant if you are interested in our Mediterranean product range.

Take advantage of our sales solutions and enjoy efficient support for your sales of Mediterranean products.