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Don't beat about the bush – grasp the branch of success!

GASA GROUP offers you an extensive and complete selection of all types of nursery products, with international sourcing. We can offer you a thrilling choice with colourful solutions in all sizes. We make it easy for you to grasp that branch of success – read more about our various categories below.


Ornamental shrubs and trees

We have a wide selection of ornamental shrubs and trees for every purpose, and by virtue of our efficient and expert suppliers, we can offer you a very extensive and complete selection. We supply traditional ornamental shrubs in C2, C3, C3.5, C4.5, C7.5 and C13.
We supply many different varieties of Buxus, clipped to both round ball and pyramid shape. We have a wide range of Ilex and many different varieties of Prunus laurocerasus. We have an extensive range of Salix varieties, in many different sizes and always at highly competitive prices.

If you have specific requirements relating to special ornamental shrubs and trees, we can of course meet these as well.

Acid-loving plants (Rhododendron, etc.)

In the category acid-loving plants, we offer a full range of colourful quality plants from both home and abroad. We have extensive experience with acid-lovers and are naturally ready to give you professional advice.

We stock an extensive range of Erica, Calluna, Pieris, Azalea hybrids, Rhododendron, and evergreens in many sizes.
Our plants are generally container-grown, but if you require larger root-ball plants, we are of course in a position to supply these.

Ground cover plants

Ground cover plants are becoming increasingly popular, and we can offer countless variants for every purpose. Our basic range consists of the best-known species: Cotoneaster, Euonymus, Gaultheria, Hedera, Lonicera, Pachysandra, Potentilla, Sedum, Sempervivum, Vaccinium, Vinca. These are supplied in 11 cm pots, some in larger containers.

Garden roses

We stock an extensive range of beautiful garden roses. You can get both newly potted roses in 2, 3 and 4 litre containers, as well as roses in the different stages of leaf, bud and full flower.

You can choose from:
- Floribundas
- Hybrid Teas
- Ground cover roses
- Danish palace roses
- Shrub and bush roses
- Old-fashioned roses
- English roses

Conifers (needle-leaved plants)

Conifers are one of our largest product groups, and we have a large selection - particularly of Taxus and Thuja - in containers, as well as of the well-known high-quality bare-root plants supplied by Thomsens Planteskole nurseries.
We also offer a large range of exciting container-grown and root-ball plants from both home and abroad. We have, for instance, dwarf larch in standard form, 1 litre conifer mixes, a range of grafted Picea and Pinus, and individual plants transplanted to order.

We are, of course, always able to supply Thuja "Brabant" and Thuja "Emerald", both as container-grown and root ball plants.


We have a wide range of climbers in many different sizes. We mainly supply climbers in 2 litre containers at 40-60 cm, but we also have 1 litre pots at 40-60 cm, 2 litres at 60-100 cm, and 3 litres at 100-120 cm. We supply some types in individual sizes.
Our range naturally covers all varieties of Actinidia, Campsis, Clematis, Humulus, Hedera, Jasminum, Lonicera, Parthenocissus, Wisteria, etc.

Fruit trees and bushes

We supply an extensive selection of wonderful fruit trees from the best Danish growers. We have a wide range of bush fruits in various sizes, including climbing varieties.


Perennials represent a very exciting and attractive product group, where our permanent team of expert and efficient producers means we can offer the cream of the crop. Our selection includes a wide standard range of perennials, which we supply in larger pots, such as C1 and C2. In addition, you can of course take a little voyage of discovery through our extensive range of herbs and hot summer perennials in large pots.