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The garden as a year-round outdoor room

At GASA GROUP, we have plants for the garden and patio all year round. As this selection is versatile, all you have to do is select the plants for your garden – adapted to the season.

We use attractive bulbs and plants to make tubs, flower boxes and flower beds come alive from early spring.

The rockery range and the spring’s abundance of young plants in March and April are followed in early summer with a steadily growing selection of pot plants and perennials.

During the course of summer, large pot plants are moved from living room to patio and the big perennials move from flowerbed to tubs. This is because many pot plants and perennials thrive in a splendid mix with the range of young plants and nursery products.

With the arrival of late summer, a colourful range of products in autumn’s warm, golden shades become available for patio and tubs.

And for the coldest time of year, where the urge to plant has to make do with your entrance hall, we have hardy plants which warmly welcome your guests.

Your possibilities of furnishing your outdoor room are growing almost without limit.

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