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Labels sell products

GASA GROUP has launched an On-Demand Label Concept, complementing our existing sales concepts.

We can now provide a label to match the design and concept which can be placed on the individual product. The labels will significantly link the concepts and in-store materials, such as top signs, CC signs, table covers and A4 boards, to the actual product.

We offer custom solutions to support your image and business profile. We take care of the entire process from layout to production and final mounting.

The solution was developed to accommodate our customers' desires to inspire consumers, boost sales and reduce waste and costs.

Flexibility is the key. There are no expensive start-up costs involved, making small volumes a real possibility now. The concept also allows you to order tailored banners and is an ideal finishing touch for campaign activities where labels/banners effectively support the sales.

Contact your sales consultant to learn more about these exciting options.