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Trend Nordic

Nordic trends are significant within architecture, food, interior design and product design. Nordic cuisine is in vogue all over the world, Nordic furniture classics maintain their position as popular design icons – and New Nordic is in.

Pure and simple
Nordic trends are synonymous with clean lines and simplistic design without superfluous decoration or detail. The colours are subdued and preferably complementary. Perhaps a light, delicate colour palette or maybe more dark and intense – but always rooted
in nature’s own gamut of colours. Focus is on natural materials such as wood, leather and stone; light woods, rustic driftwood, glass, ceramics or cement.

Functional design
But there is more to it than elegant design. Nordic designers pursue durable, functional, practical and well-executed craftsmanship. A chair must be comfortable to sit in, and a glass must be pleasant to drink from.

Nordic Products
We have selected a number of products that match the Nordic concept, products oozing with simplicity and nature. Depending on the season you wish to promote, it could be Senecio, Kalanchoë, Echeveria, Sedum, Ceropegia, Carex, Kalanchoë Beharensis, Helleborus, Campanula, Hedera, Moss or Heuchera.

Four seasons
We have expanded the Nordic theme across four concepts representing the four seasons. Eye-catching pictures in misty, natural colours and gorgeous photos detailing rustic materials.
The Nordic theme offers ample opportunity to combine sales of plants, pots, added-value products and various other design and interior decor products. It is important to present a style, create a mood and support sales.
We have prepared plant suggestions for each concept in various categories and price ranges. Contact your sales consultant, and we’ll be happy to provide you with ideas on how to impart a Nordic atmosphere to your customers.