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Peaks - With Love

Love comes in many shapes. But they can all be expressed by the flower as a strong symbol of affection. Spring is full of love with red-letter days in various countries, and in the flower industry we cannot get enough of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the International Women’s Day, of course. We have prepared a range of concepts to really showcase the flowers. It is love of sales - and of the bottom line.

Giving flowers is a symbol of love and caring – that’s how it is in most parts of the world. There are many special red-letter days and traditions in various countries – but love and flowers recur throughout!

Flowers are brimming with symbolism. Roses are love. Lilies are beauty. Thistles say: ”I’ll never give up”. Flowers with buds bespeak budding love. Red and pink are the colours of love, signalling warmth, ardour and passion. The darker the shades, the deeper the love. Lighter colours signal young love and white says eternal love.

Potted flowers last a long time and send an affectionate signal to the recipient on a daily basis.