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FlowerPower - focus on plants

Flower Power - an inviting conceptseries with strong cultures in focus.

Focus on one variety and attract consumers awareness by highlighting the properties and qualities of the plant with beautiful pictures and inspiring text.

The Flower Power concept serie focusses on a wide variety of culture - both yearround, seasonal and niche cultures.

Lovely Heather

Heather is available in a plentiful palette of colours, from intense burgundy through delicate mauve and dusty pink to really light, white shades – and is impressive both in mixed colours and in one, pure colour.
Heather is well suited to pots and to planting out – preferably in an acidophile or ericaceous bed. Calluna is a perennial and available in both spring and autumn flowering varieties. Erica is an annual and flowers in late summer and autumn. During the autumn, heather is well suited to pots and adds a touch of colour to the terrace all winter long. During the spring, the spring flowering heathers grace the garden with their intense colours.
The perennial Callunas also form a lovely base in the acidophile bed – cut them back rigorously once a year, otherwise they will go leggy. Heather is one of the bees’ favourite plants – and heather honey is also a sweet classic. 


Heather is lovely in pots and retains its colours all winter long.


Heather is available in a wealth of fantastic colours, from deep burgundy through delicate mauve and pink to white.


Trim the withered and dry inflorescences off the perennial Calluna to make the clump of heather compact.