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Colourdrops – spotlighting colours

Colourdrops – a lovely palette of colourful concepts to underpin your sales of colourful plants and flowers.

We use the Colourdrops to liven up your shop with colours. This creates atmosphere and attracts and inspires your customers. And it will boost your sales figures and bottom line.
In the world of flowers, the palette of colours is endless. Colours create atmosphere and influence us in our homes and gardens and, not least, when we are shopping.

Right now, choose from Sky blue, Green Nature, Red is love, Yellow spring, Soft pastels, Purple Passion, Orange Living, Classic White or Colourful.

Orange Living - Orange is warm and happy

Colours affect us. You can use them to create different moods in your home.

The world is full of colour-radiating flowers in all the colours of the rainbow – use them to spread joy and happiness.
Mix yellow, orange, pink, red and purple flowers in pots or in groups.
Arrange them in order of colour or mix them all up. Use lots of colours or maybe just two.
Choose the same variety in several colours or mix and match varieties and colours.
- it’s all up to you and how you feel

 Orange Living