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Do you grab your customers' attention?

It’s a fact that the most plants are bought impulsively – i.e. the consumer has not planned the purchase in advance. And precisely impulsive buying is an area where it is extremely important to grab consumers’ attention. How do you capture consumer interest? By differentiating yourself in one way or another, including by means of clear messaging, eye-catchers and storytelling.

It is important to inspire and surprise customers, and this can be ensured with a dynamic layout at your point of sale where you can easily create varying and inspiring sales arrangements with atmosphere.

There are plenty of opportunities to set the mood, e.g. colour, culture, season, country, corners of the world, holidays, theme or trend – the only limit is your imagination. GASA GROUP’s broad concept palette gives you easy access to create elegant themed arrangements that will capture customer interest. The individual concepts come with A4 signboards with inspirational text (eight language versions) and pictures to support the atmosphere and meet the customers’ demand for the good story.

We also offer ‘labels on demand' - tailored price and information labels - with your logo, story, product data, caring instructions, theme or whatever can add value for your customers during purchase and use.

Contact us for a dialogue and use GASA GROUP actively, also at open day events, so we can make a joint effort to grab consumers' attention.

round corners

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