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GASA GROUP Hungary Kft. is the latest addition of GASA GROUP subsidiaries. GASA GROUP Hungary has established an office in Hungary, and we do business with European supermarkets and DIY’s.

GASA GROUP Hungary is a professional European trading partner in the field of plant and flower export. We offer sales solutions tailored to customers established in the Hungarian market as well as in other Eastern European markets. 

In a close and strong collaboration, our young plants departments supply unrooted cuttings, rooted young plants, bare rooted and half-grown plants to growers all over Europe for their plant production. Furthermore our young plants department also helps growers with outsourcing assignments of young plants and half-grown plants.

In addition to the our wide European plant assortment, GASA GROUP Hungary also offers logistics, container and marketing solutions. Retail chains as well as DIY chains are serviced from our key logistics center in Szigetszentmiklós. 

GASA GROUP Hungary is in steady growth and an attractive trading partner in relation to plant and floral solutions on the Eastern European markets.


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