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Impatiens hybrid 'SunPatiens'


SunPatiens is a new type of Impatiens. It is suitable for big pots and planting in flowerbeds.
The SunPatiens are mostly produced in 12-15 cm pots, but will go well in bigger pots too.
With optimum conditions each plant may reach a height of 60-90 cm during a single growing season.
It is a healthy plant that will stand both full sun and rain. It is a true alternative to other Impatiens, as no downy mildew attack has been detected in SunPatiens.

There are three series of SunPatiens:

The Compact SunPatiens is the most compact and bushy series.

The Vigorous SunPatiens lives up to its name with vigorous growth.

The Spreading SunPatiens is the series with low, spreading growth.

More pictures of SunPatiens here

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