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Dahlia hybrid 'Dalina'

GASA Young Plants offers the full 'Dalina' range comprising Mini, Midi, Midi+ and Maxi.

The series flower well and come in lots of different colours.

They are suitable for production in pots of 6-30 cm.

We supply unrooted cuttings, young plants and half-grown plants. 




Dalina® Dahlia Mini is a new series which produces compact and floriferous plants with 5 cm flowers.
Recommended pot sizes: 6-11 cm.

Dalina® Dahlia Midi is the well-known series. There is now a very large selection with a number of exciting new cultivars.
Recommended pot sizes: 10-12 cm.
Midi+ 12-14 cm (5-6 inches).

Dalina® Dahlia Midi+.
Recommended pot sizes: 12-14 cm.

Dalina® Dahlia Maxi series grows more vigorously than the other series.
Useful in pot sizes 15-30 cm.

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