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Tropical range

GASA Young Plants has one of Europe’s largest and widest ranges of tropical and sub-tropical plants.

We buy directly in Central America: Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

From our local office here, we coordinate the purchases direct at the producers, as well as exporting to a number of countries both within and outside Europe.

We also have a good selection of plants from Asia bought in Taiwan, China, Thailand and Malaysia.

Look here for details of our big range of varieties (Excel file)

Presentation of our tropical assortment (PDF file)

                                           Croton 'Petra'

                              Aphelandra                                                         Combos Mix     

                              Epipremnum                                                        Philodendron

                             Cordyline                                                            Coffee braids


                             Peperomia                                                            Chlorophytum