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Nordic Ornamentals

Get the Right Start of Your Production
A production of uniform finished pot plants starts with uniform young plants of high quality. More and more nurserymen realise sowing, germination and breeding of young plants are complicated processes, which are better be left to specialists like Nordic Ornamentals.

Sowing and Germination
Precise sowing and closely monitored germination are preconditions for uniform a young plant quality. Only few nurseries have the necessary facilities for making the most of the germination potential of the seeds. Nordic Ornamentals have leading edge sowing machines for the precise sowing of the many different seed size and forms. We have the equipment and the expertise for ensuring optimum germination. Different varieties demand different germination conditions, the whole process of germination needs careful monitoring.

Optimum Conditions for the Young Plants
At Nordic Ornamentals the breeding of young plants are grouped in different stages to make sure the young plants grow uniformly. During each stage the young plants have optimum growing conditions - differing according to variety - such as artificial light, shadow, water and computer controlled climate and feeding programmes.
The specially developed mix of soil ensures optimum development of the roots. Thus the young plants have optimum access to oxygen, water and nutrition and the clod of soil is easier to water after transplanting. Because our tables have wire bottoms the roots get cut by the air, they spread out inside the clod instead of growing into the neighbour-clod. So when transplanting the young plants, the roots are not unnecessarily damaged. All measures make sure the young plants have all preconditions for growing quickly after potting.

Nordic Ornamentals offers an up-to-date assortment of seed-raised pot plants and bedding plants from leading breeders all over the world. We are always open to cooperation with our customers about new, alternative varieties where we offer our expert know-how.

Nordic Ornamentals has over 22,500 m² glasshouses that are specially equipped for producing young plants.  Such as among other things rolling tables with wired bottom, computer-controlled climate, photoelectric grading, artificial light, shading, darkening, watering facilities, mixer of fertilizers etc. All facilities  ensure optimum and methodical production of young plants.

High Sanitation Level
At Nordic Ornamentals we emphasise sanitation and focus all the way through production on the hygiene. We only sow in disposable trays, have integrated biological control of plagues, and also use utility animals and funguses. It is normal routine for us to register any found plagues. So you can always be sure to receive healthy young plants.

Types of Trays
Nordic Ornamentals produce young plants in disposable trays made from eco-friendly EPS material. The outer measures of the trays naturally fit on to the CC- trolleys and the potting robots you available in the market. We offer trays of 3 sizes: 96-264-360 holes.

Nordic Ornamentals employs a staff of 25 in production and administration during the peak season. All directing employees are trained and have the necessary knowledge to direct the complicated process of producing young plants.