GASA Young Plants Costa Rica S.A

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of tropical plants? GASA Young Plants has the knowhow and the right network. We have a considerable import from Central America through our own company.

As the name indicates, GASA Young Plants Costa Rica S.A., is positioned in the tropical area of Costa Rica, Central America. The company was established in 2005. Specifically, we wished to optimize supplies of tropical cuttings and plants for our Danish as well as European customers.

The purchase of cuttings and plants from local producers on more regular basis started back in 1988. Over the years sales developed, until we established our own facilities. Thus we profit from local commitments and improved logistics.

With the knowledge of local production combined with well-established logistic chains, our Costa Rica office rapidly grew a major player on the international markets. Today supplies of cuttings and plants are shipped weekly, both by air and boat containers.

Today we are serving most European markets, Asian markets, as well as countries in South America, with a local office and our employee to source production as well as monitor programmes.

Sales take place from our Danish office by Brian Borup, as well as from Costa Rica by Manuel Zúniga.



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