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GASA GROUP focuses on garden centers

We cultivate the whole garden – bed by bed

The staff in GASA GROUP's garden centre departments are specialists in providing you with top quality plants that are ready for sale – and naturally at a highly competitive price. Each week we visit a wide number of producers, so you can go shopping for information about production in Denmark, Holland and Germany.

Versatility and variety, as well as extensive and complete product ranges, all seasoned with an emphasis on your needs - these are among our main watchwords when it comes to serving our many and varied garden centre customers. We maintain and develop our professional expertise with ongoing training and sheer inspiration.

You get a range to inspire you, developed and tailored to your needs – with an eye for national and geographical variations. We support you in optimising planning phases, whether for total solutions, concepts or sales tools. From beginning to end, we always cultivate close dialogue with the customer - before, during and after campaigns.

Thanks to GASA WEB SHOP, our product ordering system, you can place orders for quality Danish plants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.