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Green Strategy

Our common mission is to give the green world more value – adding value to the green world. This is why we have formulated our strategy; so that we are agreed on the goal that we are working towards.

Company Policy statement
GASA GROUP’s mission is to develop and offer value creating products, services and solutions within the green world. We want to run a healthy business, be a desirable business partner, be a good workplace and act environmentally conscious.

GASA GROUP visions – what we commit to:
- We want to offer all our customers a unique European product assortment, favorable and tailor-made solutions
- We want to develop new and appealing products and sales promoting materials
- We want to create growth in sales to both new and existing customers, on both existing and emerging markets
- We want to be known as a professional, competent and innovative business partner
- We want to be perceived as a desirable workplace
- We want to act for the benefit of the trade, community and environment, both locally and internationally
- We want to offer value creating and timely logistic solutions and services

- Responsible
- Trustworthy
- Committed
- Uncomplicated
- Innovative
- Teamplayer

GASA GROUP’s Environmental Policy
Being one of the leading European suppliers of flower solutions, it is important to us, that we, concurrently with the company’s continuous development, pay regard to the environment.
GASA GROUP commits to, in all areas, to minimize the effects of our activities on the environment.
In order to meet the requirements of the environmental policy the areas below will be in focus :
- Minimizing the amount of waste through continuous process optimizing og correct sorting of waste fulfilling minimum the rules in force
- Minimizing electricity consumption by ongoing replacement to automatic/sensor light switches and low-energy screens
- Avoid unnecessary heat loss, specifically in warehouse areas
- When renovating focus on using energy-efficient and environmental friendly materials
- Minimizing CO2 emissions related to transport