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GASA GROUP is established in 5 European countries

GASA GROUP consists of GASA GROUP Denmark A/S, GASA GROUP Holland B.V., GASA GROUP Germany GmbH, GASA GROUP Poland Sp. zo.o. and GASA GROUP Hungary Kft.

GASA GROUP is among Europe’s leading distributors of flowers and floral products.

We are active in all European markets. In Denmark, Holland, Germany, Poland and Hungary, we are represented by own sales organisation. All other markets are served by the Danish, Dutch or German sales divisions.

We maintain the impressive size and breadth of our selection of floral products through our cooperation with the best suppliers from all over Europe. GASA GROUP is an international organisation based in Denmark. We service the entire European market through customer-focussed solutions and concepts and effective logistics.

The philosophy shared by GASA GROUP’s international team of professional, dedicated employees is: Satisfied customers mean satisfied employees! 

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