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The green timeline

GASA GROUP is a modern company focused on the future. We base our vision on a comprehensive base of experience, in which know-how, quality and foresightedness are “fertilizers” to our activities going forward.

GASA GROUP was founded in 2001 in a merger of Denmark’s three biggest exporters of plants and flowers: GASA AARHUS A/S, Exposa A/S and GASA ODENSE — BLOMSTER A/S.

Both GASA AARHUS and GASA ODENSE were established as cooperative societies in 1929 and continued their activities as independent companies in GASA GROUP until 2004, when they merged into GASA GROUP Denmark A/S.

The capital base of GASA GROUP Holding A/S was consolidated in 2007 when DLG acquired a shareholding of 63%. As a result GASA GROUP became affiliated with the DLG Group as a subsidiary at this point.

GASA BØG Group was established in August 2012 as result of a merger between GASA GROUP and Bøg Madsen A/S. Bøg Madsen A/S was founded by Ejvind Bøg Madsen in 1941.

DLG’s ownership interest in GASA BØG increased to 82% in 2013, as DLG chose to acquire the banks’ shareholdings.
Effective from 1 January 2015, the name of GASA BØG group reverted to GASA GROUP.

In 2015, DLG bought the last ownership shares, thus acquiring 100% ownership of GASA GROUP.

Effective from 1 January 2018, DLG sold 80% of its GASA GROUP shareholding to the Danish equity fund Erhvervsinvest Management A/S.

As a result, Erhvervsinvest Management A/S has an ownership share of 80% and DLG has an ownership share of 20%.


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